Improving and Correcting Your Smile with Dental Implants

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Your Smile is Important to You

A simple smile can communicate and convey so much meaning.  It is often how people gather their first impressions of one another.  That’s why it can be an emotional setback if your teeth just aren’t what they used to be.  There are many reasons why one’s teeth could get to the point that they are failing.  At Missouri Correctional Dental Implants Center we don’t focus on the past but we focus on your goals and what we can do to restore your smile and your confidence in the process.  There are many cosmetic options when it comes to fixing broken or missing teeth and at some point implant dentistry becomes the most cost effective and viable option for many patients.

How Dental Implants Can Help

There are many dental procedures that can improve your overall dental health and even a few that help restructure the cosmetic look of your teeth.  However, dental implants hold a distinct advantage over other treatments because implants are a more permanent solution.  A properly placed dental implant can last a lifetime and can wind up costing less than other treatments in the long term.

Preserving Facial Structure

One issue that is often encountered when missing teeth is bone loss.  With no tooth to spur bone growth the bone becomes thinner and thinner and ultimately alters the structure of the jaw line.  For this reason, implant dentistry can be a better option than dentures.  This is especially true for younger patients who expect to have prosthetic teeth for many years.

How the All on 4 Procedure Works

All on Four
Intro to All on 4 Dental Implants
All on 4 dental implants supply the extensive oral rehabilitation remedy to sufferers affected by tooth reduction and that are taking a look at a potential of edentulism (not having any teeth). This ingenious tooth substitute procedure was intended by European Implantologist Dr. Paulo Malo and fundamentally permits dental surgeon to exchange a patient’s total mouth of missing or failing teeth working with only 4 dental implants plus a fixed (non-removable) and completely custom-made prosthetic dental bridge. Even though the All on 4 dental implants method is among the most invasive in the field of austin cosmetic dentistry, it’s plethora of common tooth replacement and implant tactics has awarded it with breakthrough standing from the health-related fields of dental implantology and oral rehabilitation!
Battling Gum Disease
Despite our exceptionally innovative engineering, health care treatment options as well as the widespread availability and selection of oral hygiene items, in excess of 26% of Americans will enter into their late adulthood without the use of any of their unique grownup teeth. This is often in accordance to statistics launched through the Center for Sickness Management, who also claims that about a hundred million persons from the Usa are missing amongst eleven and 15 of their everlasting teeth and can sooner or later demand finish oral rehabilitation through the age of 65! So, what exactly is the culprit behind this pervasive trouble of tooth reduction as well as the numerous candidates for All on 4 dental implants?Periodontal ailment is characterized by a continual and acute bacterial infection of your soft tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth, quite simply, your gums. Bad lifelong oral hygiene, smoking, extreme consuming, drug abuse, significant sickness (cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes) and also genetics could cause you to come to be specially vulnerable to periodontal disorder. So pervasive is this oral affliction that an estimated 80% of Americans are afflicted by some kind and stage of it! The trouble with periodontal disorder is its signs is often as innocuous as mild irritation of your gums without soreness or discomfort. It really is for that reason that sufferers seldom seek out treatment method from an oral surgeon; nonetheless, if left alone, periodontal sickness can develop into acute and lead to bone reduction while in the jaw, tooth decay, gum deterioration and tooth reduction!
The Wonderful Paradox Totally Prevented by All on 4 Dental Implants
It really is right here that an incredible paradox emerges: The men and women who experience superior periodontal condition and tooth reduction will be the ones who most will need to acquire dental implants! Having said that, the reduction of bone tissue on account of bacterial infection signifies that their jaws just will not have the ability to help dental implants making use of classic approaches. This can be the place the remarkable positive aspects in the All on 4 dental implants phase in. Sufferers that have previously been advised that they’re not dental implant candidates are frequently capable of acquire a full set of attractive new teeth in as very little being a single dental appointment! The All on 4 dental implant strategy has revolutionized the discipline of implantology and it truly is generating finish oral rehabilitation doable to folks of all ages and phases of periodontal disorder and tooth reduction!